Why WSD?

WSD engineers and builds the highest-quality skis, tailored for you and your ski style.  Every skier is unique.  We all have different body types, we all ski different terrain, and we all want something different out of our skis.  WSD creates dream skis for one rider at a time.

Our goal is to create the ultimate pair of skis and that is what sets us apart.  We do not mass-manufacture standard-quality skis.  We only produce small runs of the finest skis.  You cannot mass-produce the finest foods.  You cannot mass-produce the finest beers.  You cannot mass-produce the finest cars.  You cannot mass-produce the finest skis.  As with any product that is measured by quality and workmanship, the best can only be made in small quantities by masters of the art.  WSD’s founder and engineer oversees every single pair of skis from start to finish.  He works with you directly to create a custom design and he leads a very small team of highly-trained builders to physically bring that design to life.  We use the highest-end materials in our skis and we take an incredible amount of time to ensure that they are put together correctly.  The result is a pair of skis that will blow your mind.

Why Custom?

Rather than adjusting your style to fit your skis, let us create a pair of skis to fit your style.  Choose WSD so we can show you what is possible.



Custom Plus

Choose a model from our extensive lineup of skis. Once your model is chosen, we will design the core of your skis to yield a flex pattern that gives your skis the characteristics that you desire. Choose your own top-sheet graphic.

Custom Premium

Our engineer will work with you to create a ski where every single design feature is based on you and your skier preferences. The length, width, turn radius, tip height, tail height, tip length, tail length, rocker, camber. flex pattern, etc. will all be based around you, down to the smallest millimeter.

Flex Pattern

The way a ski feels and behaves is heavily influenced by the stiffness of the ski in the tip, waist, and tail. The combination of these three stiffnesses make up the ski's flex pattern. Floatation, stability, the ability to hold an edge, ease of turning, and rebound energy are all dictated by the flex pattern.


You tell us what you want your skis to look like. We have a graphic catalog for you to choose from or you can submit your own graphics.

Need info on Skis?

Thinking about your dream skis?  Send a message and we will get right back to you.   It is our priority to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Consultations at the Shop

4391 S. 500 W.
Salt Lake City
+1 (716) 462 0049
By Appointment

Give a call and stop by the shop for an appointment.  We are happy to sit down with you for a Q&A/consultation.  Our questions and your answers, will produce your dream skis.